A sign of reconciliation

The return of a battleship’s name plate symbolizes the cordial relations between Australia and Germany that Ross is at pains to support.

This short item reports on the symbolic return of the name plate of the German battleship Emde to Germany by Australia, in 1933. The victorious Australian troops had collected and exhibited it. This gesture of goodwill was performed at high levels of government by Stanley Bruce, former Prime-Minister and a Secretary in the then current Australian administration, and President of the Reich Paul von Hindenburg.

This event is mentioned by Ross in his book Haha Whenua - Das Land, das ich gesucht, which was published the same year (see: German lushness in New Guinea). It is also representative of the cordial relations between Australia and Germany at the time, which Ross works hard to support both in his statements to the Australasian press (see: Diplomacy in a former German colony) and in his writing for his German readership (see: Sharing anti-British resentment with veterans).

Joachim Schätz

Anonymous. Er wird dem Reichspräsidenten das “Emden”-Schild zurückgeben. Mariborer Zeitung: 1933 Mar 1; 58; 2.

Topic: The Great War
Case: Oceania-Asia trip 1928-30

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