Diplomacy in a former German colony

Rabaul, November 1929

In an interview for a local newspaper Ross praises the Australian administration in former German New Guinea.

In keeping with the conciliatory tone of his own writing about German-Australian relations (see: German lushness in New Guinea), Ross states that conditions in the Mandated Territory (the name given to the former German colony of German New Guinea) are far better than he had been led to believe in Germany, but also in Australia. The last comment is significant of Ross’s sly argumentation. He goes on to say that while he heard no criticism of the current administration from Germans in the Mandated Territory, he did hear some from Australians. This dissent is also noted in his writing.1

Instructively, Ross praises the administration primarily for maintaining German colonial policies in the area. Switching from the local to the global, as is his wont, Ross concludes with a plea for white racial solidarity in the face of the “increasing economic and political power of the colored races”.

Joachim Schätz

Anonymous. Oversea visitors. Rabaul Times. 1929 Nov 29.

Topic: Colonialism
Case: Oceania-Asia trip 1928-30

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1 See: Colin Ross. [Excerpt from] Mandat und Mutiny. In: Haha Whenua - das Land, das ich gesucht. Mit Kind und Kegel durch die Südsee. 4. Aufl. Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus; 1933 [1933]; 242–5. See Library.

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