Protecting white economic supremacy

Adelaide, March 1929

Ross calls an Australian audience to racial solidarity, not only for the protection of territories, but also of markets.

In the lecture summarized in this Adelaide newspaper item, Ross spells out the economic interests in maintaining white racial supremacy. “China and Japan were competing successfully with Europe and America in textiles and other manufactures”, he is paraphrased, and another war among white nations would help those outside forces.

Back in Europe, in the early 1930s, Ross would repeat this plea for peace and unity out of economic and political necessity. This short item highlights the considerable political, economic, and social differences that Ross was willing to overlook for a vision of racial solidarity. He is cited as having found “a new, and may be [sic], a better standard of white civilization” in a range of “outposts” including “Australia, Argentine, California, and South Africa”. Unfortunately, the similiarities shared by those strikingly disparate places are not mentioned in the summary.

Joachim Schätz

Anonymous. Menace of coloured races. New standard of white civilization. Register News-Pictorial: 1929 Mar 14; 9.

Topic: Race
Case: Oceania-Asia trip 1928-30

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1 See: Colin Ross. Europa G. m. b. H. Sein oder Nichtsein eines ganzen Erdteils. Berliner Morgenpost. Nr. 49. 1931 Feb 26;1–2. See Library.

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