Making up after World War I

Like Ross, the author of this booklet stresses a break in German-Australian relations during the Great War, which he sees being mended in the late 1920s.

The author experienced anti-German resentment at first hand. Lodewyckx, a Belgian scholar of Germanic languages, was stranded in Australia on the way to the United States when World War I broke out. According to the Australian Dictionary of Biography, “he was appointed lecturer in German at the University of Melbourne when his predecessor, a German national, was dismissed because of wartime prejudice.”

In the final passages of this booklet, part of a series on Auslandsdeutschtum co-edited by the geopolitical cartographer Arnold Hillen Ziegfeld, Lodewyckx comes to similar conclusion as Ross: resentment during the Great War was a heavy strain on German-Australian relations, which are now easing again. But even before the war, Lodewyckx notes, young Auslandsdeutsche identified more with the Anglo-Australian mainstream than with their European ancestors.

Lodewyckx seems a bit more confident than Ross that German as well as Scandinavian and Dutch nationals will soon be welcomed as “the best immigrants”, apart from the British, because of the White Australia policy. [p. 19] Support for new, purely German exclaves seems unlikely even to him, though. Not unlike Ross, he presents German culture as being preserved rather than thriving (see: “Germany means religion, soul, god”). In both their accounts, Australia figures not so much as untouched territory to be injected with German culture, but as just another modern nation to do business with. Since a ban on German goods was lifted in 1922, Lodewyckx notes, imports have risen to two thirds of pre-war levels.

Joachim Schätz

August Lodewyckx. Das Deutschtum in Australien. Berlin: Deutscher Schutzbund Verlag; 1926 (Taschenbuch des Grenz- und Auslandsdeutschtums 40); 18–20.

Topic: Auslandsdeutsche
Case: Oceania-Asia trip 1928-30


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