Hitler brings the role of world leadership to Germany

Ross celebrates Hitler as the unifier of the New Europe.

Ross was drawn to Hitler early on, because he saw in him a man who could reveal a new Weltanschauung that would unite Europe and secure its survival in the rising clash of continents. Ross was convinced of the need for a leader who, through sheer force of will, could bring not only Germans, but all Europeans to accept the truth of his interpretation of reality and join him in enacting it. Hitler seemed to be just this figure, and Ross even adjusted his own ideas about race in order to accommodate himself to Hitler’s worldview (see Ross’s defense of Nazi antisemitism).

In 1940, Ross thinks that he sees his vision enacted. Hitler has consolidated an expanded “Greater Germany” into “The New Germany”, and is poised to extend this community to include all of Europe. Ross’s dream of Germany leading Europe in a clash of continents finally seems to have come into being: 

“The New Asia that is coming into existence necessarily requires a New Europe, if for no other reason than self-defense. This New Europe can not be created without the New Germany; and the latter is the sole creation of Adolf Hitler. Through it, the Führer and Chancellor of the German Reich is advancing to a position at the center of world events”.

Later, in the wake of the Nazi invasion and occupation of the Low Countries, France, and Eastern Europe, Ross would declare that “[t]oday, Germany is the leading power of Europe, and specifically of the idea of a united European community”.

Kristin Kopp

Colin Ross. Adolf Hitler und die neue Weltordnung: Bilanz meiner letzten Weltreise. Gespräche mit dem Führer. Preußische Zeitung: 1940 May 19.

Topic: Clash of Continents
Case: Geopolitics

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