German poverty in South America

Ross did not shy away from depicting the hardships faced by Auslandsdeutsche.

In such early works as Südamerika, die aufsteigende Welt, plates of photographs were randomly placed throughout the work and, apart from brief captions, no further information was provided. The images were not referred to elsewhere in the text, and were thus left to speak for themselves. We therefore don’t know where in South America this German family resides nor what their specific circumstances were. Although the text does discuss wealthy German Auslandsdeutsche, Ross doesn’t include photographs of them. As the only such image of a German settler family in the book, therefore, this photograph comes to represent a general condition by default.

Kristin Kopp

Colin Ross. Ansiedlerfrau. In: Südamerika, die aufsteigende Welt. 1. Aufl. Leipzig. F.A. Brockhaus; 1922; 16 recto, bottom.

Topic: Auslandsdeutsche
Case: Geopolitics

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