“Around the world with Ullstein!”

The publishing house that financed some of Ross’s biggest trips also ran a travel agency. Their programs were advertised in the same publications that featured his articles.

The kind of international tourism advertised in this announcement of a “three continent cruise” to Greece, Palestine, Syria and Egypt mostly remained the privilege of the upper classes in the Weimar republic. The ad, placed in a new illustrated daily that catered to young Berlin urbanites, is indicative of attempts to change this within an emerging mass consumer culture—soon stopped short, of course, by the Depression. The ad also serves as a reminder that travel reporting like Ross’s was only one aspect of the promotion of travel that took place in the pages of Tempo (see Announcing an Australasian adventure) and the like. 1

Joachim Schätz

Die schöne Drei-Erdteil-Seereise. [Advertisement.] In: Tempo: 1928 November 28; 1.

Topic: Weltverkehr
Case: Oceania-Asia trip 1928-30


1 For Ullstein’s travel agency, see: Christine Haug. Kooperation in Verkehrsbuhchandel und Verkehrsvereinen. In: Reisen und Lesen im Zeitalter der Industrialisierung. Die Geschichte des Bahnhofs-Verkehrsbuchhandels in Deutschland von seinen Anfängen um 1850 bis zum Ende der Weimarer Republik. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz; 2007; 314.

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