Agreeing on racial anxiety

This synopsis finds in Ross’s Australia book “much useful information, quite a lot of which is even not known to the average Australian”. His warnings of the “yellow peril” are prominently featured.

The referenced text is less a book review of Der unvollendete Kontinent (1930) than a laconic sampling of Ross’s claims about Australia. As in other sporadic Australian reactions to this book, which remained untranslated into English, the writer takes issue with some points made by Ross: “He talks rather inconsiderately about ‘Zwanzig Mark Stundenlohn’ (20 Marks per hour for wages) and singles out the dangerous work on the Sydney Harbor Bridge for it, and also gives unnecessary advice on how the settlers should work their holdings.”

The tenor of the text is not one of taking offense, but of interest in the perceptions of an outsider. The question in the title is asked straightforwardly rather than facetiously. And long citations from the book’s final chapter at the end of the article suggest that the Australian journalist can at the very least agree with his German colleague on shared racial anxieties about a future Japanese invasion.

Joachim Schätz

Anonymous. Did Japan demand N[orthern] Australia? German’s assertion. Daily Standard:  1930 Sep 6; 7

Topic: Volk ohne Raum
Case: Oceania-Asia trip 1928-30

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